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You’re either
with Greg Abbott

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Or you’re with

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Shawn Thierry now votes with Greg Abbott and

the Republicans.

State Representative Shawn Thierry has abandoned Democrats and now votes with Greg Abbott and the Republicans to take away our rights, destroy our public schools, and hurt our kids.

Thierry voted with Abbott to ban books in school libraries1 and attack LGBTQ+ families.2 She skipped the vote to impeach disgraced Attorney General Ken Paxton.3


Thierry’s biggest backer is an anti-abortion billionaire who gave more than $1 million to Abbott and $850,000 to Donald Trump.4


Thierry has refused to publicly condemn Abbott for his state takeover of HISD schools or his voucher plan that could ultimately close neighborhood public schools.5

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1 House Bill 900, Texas Legislature, 88th Regular Session; 2 Senate Bill 14, Texas Legislature, 88th Regular Session; 3 “Ken Paxton was impeached by the Texas House. See how each representative voted.” Texas Tribune, 5/27/2023; 4 Doug Deason tweet status/1578000365894750209;, 2/19/2021, 7/16/2016; 5 Jackie Anderson, President, Houston Federation of Teachers

UAW Picket September 27 — Austin Lewellen-46.jpeg



fights for people Greg Abbott attacks every day.

fights for people Greg Abbott attacks every day.

Lauren Ashley Simmons is a mom and a union organizer who fights for working families.

Lauren will fight to repeal Greg Abbott’s abortion ban. She is the only candidate endorsed by Planned Parenthood Texas Votes.

Lauren organized parents to fight Abbott’s state takeover of HISD schools. She will fight to
repeal Abbott’s book ban and strengthen public schools. Lauren is the only candidate endorsed by Texas AFT and Houston Federation of Teachers.

Lauren has secured wage increases and better access to health care for working people. She is the only candidate endorsed by the Texas and Gulf Coast Area Labor Federation AFL-CIO.

Early Voting: February 20th - March 1st
Election Day: Tuesday, March 5th

In the Democratic Primary on March 5, vote for the leader who fights for US:

Pol. adv. Lauren Simmons Campaign

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